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Hearing Protection - sleep

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Hearing Protection with high-end acoustic filters.
These soft medical grade ear tips provite a premium sound reduction, optimal comfort, are ventilating, hygienic, washable and reusable.

SOUND REDUCTION - Helps to prevent hearing damage by reducing sound to safer levels.

COMFORT FIT - Ear tips made of medical grade material

VENTILATION OF THE EAR - The open structure of the filter allows air into the ears.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - Retained spatial hearing and sound directionality, preserves situational awareness.

SPEECH CLARITY - Improves communication by suppressing background noise.

NATURAL HEARING - Advanced acoustic filters provide natural sound transfer.

Good night's sleep by dampening snoring and ambient noise.
Appropriate attenuation for a good night’s sleep. Special mesh filters keep alarm signals audible. Filters allow air into the ears preventing perspiration. Suitable for side sleepers.
The ear tips reduces the noise level according to the CE certificate by 24 dB.

2 pair ear tips:
       medium: diameter: 6 - 11 mm
       large: diameter 7 - 12 mm
Mesh filters  
1 storage case

Medical grade TPE ear tips
These ear tips are made of a medical grade TPE. This material is designed to meet the strict requirements of medical devices for use in the human body and are free from PVC, phthalates, BPA, latex and oil, offering a safer and more comfortable replacement for materials such as silicone, flexible PVC and Polyurethane.

100% quality check
The supplier guarantees the performance of your Hearing Protection as they carried out a 100% final acoustical test on the filters. When correctly fitted you can be certain that you will receive the protection level as stated on the packaging.

Why choose these ear tips?
High-end mesh and membrane filters reduce loud sound and noise while keep
sound and speech, therefore retaining situational awareness and communication

  1. Ear tips with with standard tube filters: average sound quality, attenuates mostly high frequencies.
  1. Ear tips with mesh filters: very good sound quality, attenuates low and high frequencies more equally.

  2. Ear tips with membrane filters: excellent sound quality, attenuates low and high frequencies equally.

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EAN code
EAN code: 8720135423810
Colour: grijs
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Hearing Protection - sleep

Recommended retail price
€ 19,95
including VAT