About Able2

Able2 – your dedicated supplier of innovative products for easier living.

Everyone, young and old, uses practical products that can assist with independent living,. A pen to write with, a stick or rollator to walk, an opener to open jars, a grab rail for support or light therapy glasses for beating winter blues. All these products make life easier and assist with independent living.   

Able2 has built up an excellent reputation for product quality and service and has been supplying the retail marketplace for over 15 years: specialist dealers, homecare services, online retailers, rehabilitation shops, pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

The effects of an ageing population throughout Europe are being felt at various levels. Based on the population forecast published by Statistics Netherlands 60 year-olds can expect to live for another 3 years by 2040 in comparison with the period 2013 – 2016. The forecast predicts a life expectancy of 26 years for 60-year old men and 29 years for women. We live a more conscious and healthier life, taking more exercise and pay attention to what we eat. One out of 6 older adults beyond the age of 60 admit they have limitations. Able2 products make life easier.    

But also more and more young people suffer from (chronic) diseases and limitations. Able2 offers products for everyone, young and old, with or without limitations.


Able2 Europe B.V.

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4762 AR, Zevenbergen
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