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Music player - red

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Music brings a lot of joy in a person’s life and also has a powerful and calming effect. So it is essential to provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy music at any time. For seniors and persons suffering from dementia it is often difficult to operate today’s radios or music players. The BBrain music player, on the other hand, is easy to operate thanks to its simple features. Create your own personal settings at the touch of a button, and you or your partner do not have any difficulties operating the music player or accidentally press the wrong button.

The device has a DAB+ digital radio. Including stereo headset port and a free USB stick with storage capacity for nearly 1,000 songs. Available in three colours.

What makes the BBrain music player unique?
The innovative interface can be easily personalized for individual users. The large coloured buttons can be turned to show or hide them reducing any confusion for the user.

How can the BBrain music player help persons with dementia?

Increases self-confidence
If you don’t know what day it is, but you can sing along with your favourite song and know all the words you feel good about yourself.

Deploy memories
When verbal communication becomes too difficult then music is a way to feel connected with the world. A favourite song can make people laugh or cry when it is associated with memories from the past. In this way emotions can be processed.

Improves mood
Music helps to create a good mood. A scientific study on ‘living with dementia in care homes’ has proven that listening to your favourite music is very effective. It helps to relax and reduces anxiety and stress.

Perfect for relaxing
In an advanced stage of dementia music can bring a lot of passive joy. Listening to your favourite song makes you feel comfortable in a world that seems more and more strange.

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EAN code
EAN code: 5060568010103
Colour: red
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Music player - red

Recommended retail price
€ 169,00
including VAT