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Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock with Vibration Alarm

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From now you never oversleep again! The wireless alarm clock will ensure you wake up, even if you are a heavy sleeper or suffering from hearing loss! The clock features an extra-loud audible alarm, visible alarm and a separate vibration unit. All features can be set simultaneously or individually. Including volume and brightness settings. The vibration unit is connected to the alarm clock with a cable (length 1.95 m) and can be placed under your pillow or sheet. You can set two different alarms and put in different tones for each alarm. Slide the alarm selector switch located on the side of the alarm clock. The red power light indicates that the unit is activated.

Weekdays are indicated on the display (available in 6 languages).

The backlight is activated by pressing a button or select permanent mode.

The nightlight turns on automatically via a light sensor.

Including snooze function.
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EAN code
EAN code: 4009816029720
12 x 11 x 6,5 cm
Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 6,5 cm
Product weight
199 gr
Product weight: 199 gr
Excluding batteries
Excluding batteries:
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Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock with Vibration Alarm

Recommended retail price
€ 79,94
including VAT