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Touch test 2 point discriminator

  1. NC12776


Complete, two-point discrimination testing in one economical unit.
-Accurately tests static and moving two-point discrimination of fingers, toes or sensory flaps.
-Standardized testing for two-point discrimination can be done with this single unit. The innovative design consists of two sturdy, rotating, plastic disks that are joined together.
-Rounded tips are spaced at standard testing intervals from 1 to 15mm apart. A 20 and 25mm spacing are also given.
-One disk setting tests from 1 to 8mm. To change to the 9 to 15mm disk setting, simply rotate the top disk until it clicks in place.
-Ideal for testing following nerve repair, grafts and innervated tissue transfer for desensitization, or to determine the level of impairment.
-Easy to read and use. Ideal for the home care therapist and for patient home use.
-Instructions included.
-Patent applied for.
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EAN code
EAN code: 768627127769
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Touch test 2 point discriminator

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€ 76,96
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