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MasterLock Keysafe 5415

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Stop hiding your keys under the doormat or under a flower pot. This MasterLock Keysafe with reinforced security from the Select Access® range offers a safe place to store multiple house keys and access cards. It’s the perfect solution to share access to your keys.

  • Resettable four-digit combination code
  • Optimal security because of the solid metal body
  • The protective cover protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime.
  • Dual locking levers for better resistance
  • Wall mount design (Mounting Kit included)
  • Exterior dimensions: H 13.2 x W 10.5 x D 4.3 cm
  • Interior dimensions: H 11.3 x W 6.4 x D 3,1 cm


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EAN code
EAN code: 3520190935113
Product weight
1 kg
Product weight: 1 kg
Colour: grey
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MasterLock Keysafe 5415

Recommended retail price
€ 56,95
including VAT