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Circulation Maxx Reviver

  1. OP3200
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Are you suffering from poor blood circulation, swollen feet and ankles?
The new Circulation Maxx Reviver may:
- Improve lower leg blood circulation
- Reduce swelling
- Alleviate aches and pains

How does Circulation Maxx Reviver work?
Circulation Maxx Reviver uses the latest electrical muscle stimulationtechnology and applies tiny electrical impulses to the soles of your feet. This in turn stimulates your nerve endings in your feet,
which contract and release your calf muscles. This type of technology has been used in hospitals and by health professionals for over 50 years.
The mild electrical impulses mimic the walking action in your legs so bloodis forced back up through the veins in your legs. This increases blood
circulation, oxygen and removes cell waste and fluid from your lower limbs.
It s particular helpful to those who are less active, have restrictive mobility or suffer from poor circulation.

What s included in the box?
Everything you need to start feeling better today!
- Circulation Maxx Reviver
- Free remote control
- Mains adaptor
- Comprehensive user manual and quick start up guide
- 4 Free TENS Pads to target those hard to reach areas
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EAN code
EAN code: 8719128645490
Commodity code
Commodity code : 90191010
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This product is provided with the following documents:

  1. op3200-circulator-maxx-ultra-instructions-en.pdf
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Circulation Maxx Reviver

Recommended retail price
€ 179,95
including VAT