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Ice Power


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Quickly and effectively relieves pain and inflammation in muscles.
Ice Power Cold Therapy products relief pain and inflammation in muscles quickly and effective. Ice Power Cold Gel is a clinically tested, medicine free pain reliever, which is safe to use.
The cooling effect is quick and long lasting and decreases the skin temperature approx. 5-7 degrees in just few minutes.
Ice Power is a quick relief of various joint problems and help to improve the mobility of joints.
Ice Power Cold Therapy products relief swelling and pain in joints and increase the mobility of joints safely without medicine.
The Ice Power Arthro Joint Creme is a unique cold creme for aching and swollen joints.
Ice Power products are widely used in sports and offer an excellent relief before and after physical exercise.
Ice Power Cold Therapy products are suitable as First Aid in acute injuries as well as to speed up the recovery of an injury. They are also an excellent preparation for athletes before the physical exertion and after it. The effect of cold lowers the inflammation process, prevents swelling, decreases blood circulation and relieves pain.

Ice Power KIDS Crème 60 gr. Suitable for all children over 2 years of age. Ice Power Kids is safe and medicine free cream that is gentle to the skin and has a fresh peppermint aroma.
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Ice Power


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